Gourmet Vanilla

Gourmet Grade Vanillgourmet vanilla grade its the best premium grade of vanilla bean, the vanilla gourmet filtering since beginning process, when vanilla bean harvest farming choice prefect bean as long size, no defect pods, and have oils on surface of pods  our vanilla bean from northern sumatra island 


GOURMET  VANILLA BEAN have specification as below
type planifolia madagaskar vanilla bean
grade AAA (Gourmet),
organic / free pesticide
color black and shiny
size 14 up for gourmet
moisture content 20-30 %
pods not defect and not mold
characteristic OILY, aromatic, natural strong flavor of vanilla
harvested when the pods are ripe +- 9 month old
fresh not split pods,
northern sumatra indonesia origin
MOQ min 5 Kgs

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