Swarna Agro is apart of Swarna's group. We engaged in agribusiness, especially commodities. As an agriculture-based country, Indonesia has many raw products such as
Coconut,Cassava,Corn,Cocoa, Seaweed, and other. 


Originated from company CV. Daya Alam Indojaya which was formed in year of 2011, as a reason of potential exploration of resources a new company formed in 2014 under PT Swarna Agro Nusa.


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Our vision of “Became a Great Company in Agro Industry to manage natural resources Indonesia in order to give life to the many people who are associated with this company"

Our Mission is “to deliver product at the right quality and standard, at the right specification and at the right price”. The mission is somewhat forming a competition and effective attitude to all of company member.



Mr. Ir Budiman has a founder at PT Swarna, he is a young, profesional, a good leader,humble,and become motivator for his team. with his experience as a leader in many team making his company growth faster than predicted.
All his team work with all his heart under his leadership, with his principle that all for mutual benefit and not harm each other and does not seek its own, making PT Swarna can easily belive and become trust for buyer, goverment, supply, and his team
His Team under His leadership feel as a person in the lift so that makes it even more passionate in the work. so that it can produce a big things for the company.
His vision its for welfare of all who are connected with this company. 
His a Good Leader 



Team is something that is most vital for a company, how strong the company is determined either by how strong the team is in it.With the motto with the good cooperation will produce a super team to become a winner


all the personnel in the team will give their best ability to develop the company in accordance with the vision that is given by the founder of this company as stated above. The value of companies in cherished by every personnel is REMEMBER in the Java language called Eling, so that the personnel will continue to be able to do your best, work with all our heart and ask God's help in all that was done.





PT. Swarna Agro is a trustworthy company. with export experience who have done guarantee secure transactions and can be a reliable business partner



Swarna Agro provides a wide selection of agriculture commodities complete with diverse species and the growing numbers


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Swarna guarantees satisfaction with the timeliness of delivery, product quality and accuracy of measurement