Arabica Bajawa Flores Coffee

Arabica Bajawa Flores Coffee

Arabica bajawa not as famous as arabica from mandailingin the world, but arabica bajawa its very unique, which bajawa planted with east indonesia culture making bajawa coffee special Coming from plantations with natural conditions that are still very natural and clean, making Flores Bajawa Coffee feel very special. This unique flavor was born because almost […]


indonesian black tea wholesale

PT Swarna Agro Nusantara, producer of indonesia black tea, It comes from the Camellia sinensis plant and is often blended with other plants for different flavors, such as Earl Grey, English breakfast or chai. It’s stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than other teas, but less caffeine than coffee. Black tea also offers a variety of […]

Increasing Indonesia Export

rainforest alliance certified coffee

This week its very busy activity for PT. Swarna Agro Nusantara, on 28 Oct 2019 its special day for PT. Swarna Agro Nusantara today we has a visited chief of export from province commence ministry Mr. Teguh Mr. Teguh very excited when he’s visited, he has get a chance to see and around coffee plantation. […]

Meeting With Egypt Delegation

Meeting With Egypt Delegation

On 15th october 2019, Egypt delegation with Mr. Hasan as a leader come to Indonesia, Mr Hasan its leader from Eqypt Commence Chamber to attend Indonesia Trade Expo and Search Indonesian coffee for imported to egypt, PT Swarna Agro Nusantara has one’s selected company as a trusted suppliers to supply coffee to egypt, we discussed […]

Meeting With Turkeys Buyer

Meeting With Buyer Turkey

This morning we have get visited from mr Erkan and partner from Turkey, we talk about business in the future, Mr Erkan company its the ones of biggest company trading in turkey and they already second generation in business, they have many market at Middle East, Europe and America. We have enjoyed meeting and many […]