Things to Know about Robusta Coffee and Why It is So Popular

Robusta Coffee Beans Supplier

What is the best Robusta coffee beans supplier? This question is often asked by coffee lovers as well as those who have a business related to coffee. Yes, Robusta is a type of coffee that is demanded a lot. Originally, it comes from West Africa and can grow well on the lowland with a high temperature.

Different from Arabica coffee beans wholesale is considered rare to find around, the number of Robusta suppliers is more. It is because the type of coffee is easier to plant and grow. The production process is also faster than the process of Arabica. Even currently, the production of Robusta coffee is up to 30% of the total coffee production in the world. Meanwhile, the biggest exporter of coffee in Vietnam.

Robusta Coffee and Its Popularity

The main reason why Robusta coffee is popular and demanded is that its easy to find around. Well, it has been mentioned above. As it is easier to plant everywhere, the crop is much more than other types including Arabica.

Its ability to survive is caused by the high contents of caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Both function as natural pesticides to protect the plants from diseases and pests. That’s why it is not surprising at all that Robusta coffee is planted in so many countries in the world. As long as there are lowlands with high temperatures, Robusta coffee can simply grow.

This is also the main reason behind Robusta’s price being much more affordable than Arabica. Of course, when a product is easy to find, the price tends to be lower.

The Taste of Robusta Coffee

Okay, it is not difficult to imagine what Robusta coffee tastes like. Many instant coffee products are also made from Robusta. But sure, it is quite difficult to say that those instant products have the full and authentic taste of the Robusta coffee. There must be additional ingredients that change the taste even only a little bit.

So, before going to the Robusta coffee beans supplier, here is the description of the coffee’s taste. Generally, Robusta has a bitter and strong taste with a combination of wood and rubber flavors. The bitterness comes from the caffeine content. Yes, this type of coffee has a higher caffeine level than Arabica. If you prefer a type of coffee with a high level of caffeine, Robusta is the best choice.

Other Characteristics of Robusta Coffee

Aside from being bitterer than Arabica coffee, Robusta also has some other characteristics every coffee fan must know. In Robusta coffee, the sugar and acidity levels are also lower. The taste becomes very typical, it is dominated by the taste of caffeine. For the shape, Robusta coffee beans are round and the size is smaller than the beans of Arabica coffee.

The Grades of Robusta Coffee

Although it is often related to instant coffee products, Robusta coffee can be processed and brewed just like premium coffee beverages. It is included when you buy Robusta coffee beans wholesale. More than that, there are also the grades of Robusta Coffee. The highest grade with the highest quality is sold at a higher price for sure. This type of Robusta Coffee tends to produce a deep flavor and it is also creamier. If you like Espresso, the high-grade Robusta coffee is the best choice.

Of course, this type of coffee is also good for producing other beverages. Although the final taste may be a little bit different, Robusta can be used to make beverages commonly made by using Arabica. So, do you like Cappuccino, Latte, or Americano? You can make them all from Robusta.